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George (Adopted 15 Aug 16)

George is a beautiful Champagne coloured German shepherd, he is 4 years old, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. George has and is living with young children but we feel he would be better in a home with children over 12. He has lived with 2 other dogs in the past but at present is living as an only dog. George is unknown with cats but he will chase them outside and has not had a lot of exposure to live stock. George was strong on the lead but is very much improved whilst being in foster he is now able to walk on a collar and lead. George is a real snuggle bunny and loves cuddles, a lovely friendly boy with people he knows but can be a bit wary with strangers coming to the home but if left he soon comes round and is your best buddy. George is used to having someone around for most of the day.
George does know all his basic commands and is a very quick learner, he has been in his present home for 2.5 months and has come on in leaps and bounds this is what they have said about him:

George used to really bark and appear aggressive when he saw other dogs whilst on the lead- he only wants to say hello and is now happier and less over excited now he knows he can say hello to other dogs.
He's good with other dogs, even avoids conflict with aggressive dogs
His recall is good, he also now walks without a head collar.
Following the advice of a behaviourist, he already sits for all of us when we use the ball launcher and he got to grips with the 'look' technique within a day. He's likes being groomed and having his tummy rubbed. He's not barky in the house.

If you feel you can offer George his forever home please go to our adoption page and complete our questionnaire

All My Details

  • Age: 4
  • Gender: Male
  • Colour: White
  • Coat: Semi
  • Neutered/Spayed: Yes
  • Good with other dogs: Yes
  • Good with cats: No
  • Good with children: Yes
Added on Thursday, 30 June 2016
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