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Wilma (in kennels)


Wilma is a beautiful female German shepherd who is a 2 year old , she is vaccinated, microchipped and spayed.

She is a petite little girl. She is very people friendly and just loves to be cuddled.

Wilma can be quite vocal towards other dogs when out on a walk and will pull on the lead but as she's not the largest of dogs so not too much of an issue and she is now used to walking on a martingale head collar.

She does have very basic training so would benefit from going to training classes. 

Wilma has now moved to the Gloucester kennels where she is worked with each day, on her basic commands and her attitude towards other dogs. Volunteer walkers take her out a couple of times a week and give her 1 to 1 time and get to know her better.

If you feel you can offer Wilma her forever home please go to our adoption page and complete our questionnaire


Update from kennel walker 19 Apr 17:

"We both spent some time with Wilma, what an absolutely gorgeous little dog. We focused on trying to get her ball focused in one of the enclosures, this entailed lots of running around and ball play which she absolutely loved. Wilma is very treat focused and loved the sausage and cheese chunks we took in. Wilma has beautifully soft fur which she absolutely loves being stroked, she is a very tactile dog, loves rolling over on her back to have her tummy tickled. Wilma, to us, is a very person orientated dog. Wilma demonstrated an understanding of sit, down, touch and come. She takes food very gently. Wilma is a very bouncy dog capable of jumping quite high but not up at us. I believe that something like agility would be brilliant for her."

Update 16th May 2017

After the initial out of kennel rush Wilma settled very quickly though full of energy, walking at the end of but not particularly pulling on the lead. Wilma spent most of her time nose down. At one point she must have seen a mouse/shrew or something similar as she playfully pounced up and down at whatever moving in the long grass, made me smile.

Update June 2016

I later took Wilma for a walk. Wilma absolutely loves running in the long grass pouncing on anything that dare moves within. Did a bit of sit, stay and recall training.

A few notable observation whilst out:


We walked past a group of horses, Wilma totally ignored them and they ignored her.


Whilst walking down a single track road, Wilma to heel, a collie on a lead approached us from the other direction. The collie was pulling strongly on its lead. When we got to about five meters distance the collie started barking and reared up on its back legs nearly pulling its handler over. The handler had real problems physically controlling the dog. Wilma continued to walk to my heel. Wilma partially turned to face the threat, as I would expect any dog to, but did not respond in any way at all. I allowed her a very tiny bit of slack on the lead, she did not take it up. I did not feel any tension through the lead. Brilliant. Wilma behaved impeccably in this situation.


Later I walked her along a section of a busy A road. Wilma walked very well to heel and did not show any reaction whatsoever to any of the passing traffic. Whilst walking to heel she even managed to keep her nose out the long grass.


When towel drying her after the walk she initially reacted to having her back legs and feet dried, however a bit of time and patience later she allowed me to dry her legs.


Wilma is showing great progress and will make a real little gem for her forever family.

Super day out with Wilma today, several of us took her into Tewkesbury for a bit of socialisation/de-sensitising.

Wilma waited patiently and jumped into the back of the car without any hesitation. She settled down very quickly and we didn't hear a murmur out of her the whole journey. She only poked her head up when we finally stopped in the car park.

We took her on a lead walk through a small pedestrianised area and along the busy main roads. The town was fairly busy, the pavements with a fair bit of pedestrian traffic and the roads with the usual assortment of vehicles. Wilma walked well in the lead.

Wilma walked past a number of other dogs, all within a couple of metres, without taking any notice. Wilma was not fazed by the number of pedestrians she had to walk through and dodge.

We took her into the abbey to introduce her to a new environment. Most noticeable was the acoustic difference, this did not phase her. On entering the abbey we were met by a guide, Wilma went up to him and licked an offered hand, she also allowed herself to be stroked.

We crossed a number of main roads, on pedestrian crossings. Wilma sat patiently waiting for the lights to change. At one crossing a bus decided it nearly needed the bit of pavement we were stood on, Wilma remained calm on the spot, I think I was more rattled by the bus than she was.

We took Wilma into Cafe Chocolate, a nice little independent and very dog friendly cafe, in the high street. Dogs always very welcome here. Whilst we were in there a couple entered, with a young GSD and a Deer Hound type dog and sat at a table very close to us. Both dogs very well behaved. At one point the GSD and Wilma had a bit of an eyeball to eyeball and both barked once only. Wilma was told to stop and turned around, back to the dog, after which she paid it no attention at all.

Wilma drew admiring looks and comment from a table of ladies, remarking how calm and well behaved she was. All this time there were other dogs less that a metre away.

Independently, three of the staff came over to Wilma and spent some time fussing her. Wilma thoroughly enjoyed the attention, rolling over so she could have her tummy tickled, she was so relaxed and thoroughly enjoying herself. One of the staff was so impressed she asked about adopting her. We explained the process involved and gave her the charity details.

On leaving the cafe Wilma quite happily walked past the GSD she had earlier eyeballed without even looking at it. Brill.

We took her onto the Ham where she had a furtle in the grass. It was noticeable that when on grass Wilma is nose down scenting whilst in the urban environment she is nose up taking the wider world in.

Tewkesbury is very dog friendly and Wilma soon worked out that she could get plenty of drinks from the numerous dog water bowls outside premises.

Time to go back to the kennels. Wilma waited while the car boot was opened and only got in when told. She settled straight down, you wouldn't have known she was in the car. She remained as such until allowed out.

Wilma was such a good girl, she handled the urban environment with ease, not being phased by pedestrians, traffic or other dogs. A real gem waiting to bring love, affection and loads of pleasure to a forever home. What a fantastic little dog.


All My Details

  • Age: 2
  • Gender: Female
  • Colour: Black and Tan
  • Coat: Short
  • Neutered/Spayed: Yes
  • Good with other dogs: No
  • Good with cats: No
  • Good with children: Don't Know
Added on Tuesday, 11 October 2016
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