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Tunde (adopted May 17)

This is the handsome Tunde, a 3yr old German Shepherd, short black/tan coat and at the present time with his manhood in tack.
Tunde is well house trained, will pace and generally let you know if he needs to go outside. Breakfast is usually between 8-9am, large scoop of dry kibble (Eukanuba) and the same for his evening meal anytime from 5pm. Tunde loves his food and eats very quickly, he enjoys a Bonio treat, sprats, dried sweet potato and even a bone (raw ).
Tunde has all the basic commands of sit, down, with me, come, wait and stay which with
firmness he will do very willingly though can get easily distracted or over excited. When
excited Tunde can be quite vocal and if playing with toys and balls he will bark until you give him the ball.
Tunde is also vocal when in the garden and he hears people or dogs going pass but is easily distracted and will come when called.
Tunde on a walk is a pure pleasure and joy to watch. He loves being off lead and bounds all over the place especially when in woodland areas. He may go out of sight but you call him and he comes or he will just come and find you anyway because he likes to know where you are. Often he will come by your side and stay for some praise and attention then off he will go again. Vigilance is needed where other dogs are concerned because Tunde can be
reactive at times and hackles go up but with praise, reassurance and distraction he usually will calm and just move on to the next thing. I have found a squeaky ball works well or even just an ordinary ball which if you call to him and let him see and get excited over the ball he will come running to you. Just being aware that he can be reactive is half the battle and I
strongly believe that once neutered he will calm even more and hopefully feel less
threatened and less the top dog.
Tunde is good when being groomed, good when needing to towel down and though
reluctant to be bathed he will tolerate it. Tunde travels well, goes in boot no problem and stays there.
Tunde is a soppy, loving and giving dog who will bring lots of joy, laughter and happiness to those lucky enough to give him his forever home. He loves cuddles, will search you out for attention, loves chin rubs, belly rubs and just generally being where you are. Once he feels happy he will settle next to whoever he has chosen to stay the night, on the floor or blanket beside the bed.

All My Details

  • Age: 3
  • Gender: Male
  • Colour: Black and Tan
  • Coat: Short
  • Neutered/Spayed: No
  • Good with other dogs: Yes
  • Good with cats: No
  • Good with children: Yes
Added on Wednesday, 19 April 2017
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